Whether you are marketing Real Estate or a different product or service, Digital Marketing is the easiest and most affordable way to impact your potential customer.  Between AI and the data mines that have been created over the last few years, you're able to select the exact target market you wish to impact.

​What's best is that the cost of effective Digital Marketing, including Social Media, can be next to nothing. Our KW marketing tools are the best in the business! People are transforming their real estate sales business with the help of  Digital Marketing.  Call me to learn more!

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Maybe your master's degree isn't in Real Estate – don't worry, ours was. We can answer all the tricky questions, help you sail over every hurdle & build a business worth owning and enjoy a life worth living! We have built the largest Real Estate Company in the world for a reason... Education and training... the best the industry has ever seen.

Please get in touch with me or our CEO, Daren, at Keller Williams Realty The Marketplace in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada: 702-939-0000... 

JC Melvin - NV. Broker Lic. # B.11681

Whether you are in the Real Estate Business, as I have been for the past 42 years, or you are promoting a different product or service, lead generation and follow-up are the keys to massive success! In today's digital marketing world, there is no shortcut to building your Contact Relationship Management (CRM) platform to succeed at a high level. At KW, we supply the platform. It's called "Command".  Call to arrange a demo!

Life is too short to live the wrong dream!

JC is a Trainer, Real Estate Expert, and Digital Marketing Consultant. When obtaining the maximum benefits of marketing your service or product, digital marketing your real estate business through COMMAND is the only way to go!  Want to compete with Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Zillow, Redfin, and other significant players in your marketing? Call me!