Books are one thing - And they add credibility to the author...


they are not as powerful as Video and Digital Marketing.

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"I Think I Smell Garlic"

Melvin's first book is a simple but essential piece about living your life's dream!

Too many people become victims and tend to get stuck there...

This book will get you on track to living your life's dream again!

It's a required reading for a 4th-year motivational psychology class at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

​​The book can be found on Amazon.

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JC Melvin has been in the Real Estate Industry for over 40 years. He is a corporate Broker, trainer, and regulatory compliance guide with Keller Williams Realty The Marketplace in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.. (Broker Lic. # B.11681)

Whether in the Real Estate Business


 selling another product or service

Learning the basics of Digital Marketing

is a MUST!

Just a fun taste of our Video library here. 

The below left was for a campaign to the country's Northeast after they had experienced a record-breaking winter storm...The below right was a listing campaign we did in Las Vegas. Both worked well. Just a sample of Digital Marketing in the Real Estate Business. The bottom one was the intro to the Las Vegas Realtors installation dinner, where I walked on stage with the briefcase to emcee the 1,000-person event.

  JC Melvin 

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Digital Marketing is essential in today's market to compete at a high level...

Melvin is a published author.

Blueprint for Success, above, he co-authored with Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard, a couple of pretty impressive guys!

My friend and mentor, Keala,  offers a free 2-hour master class on Freelance Marketing that works extremely well for the Real Estate Professional.  It is also a great learning tool for any product or service.... Click here to see the short intro..

Learn how to:

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Market on Facebook

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Make quality videos

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Create organic traffic

Market yourself


any Product or Service you offer